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  • Our Philosophy

    At The Summit Group, we've found that a well-told story is the best way for businesses to engage with their audience to sell products and services. Because incredible things happen when you get the right people to listen.

  • Men and Women of Many Hats

    Good account managers have the ability to travel from discipline to discipline with ease. Great account managers have the ability to bring you along with them. These are the ones we hire. Client-to-creative translation, strategic wizardry, birthday-remembering—our team can do it all. But don't be fooled. They only make it look easy. That's why you'll love working with them.

  • Big Ideas at Work

    Creative has a job to do. And in a market that's only getting noisier, it's a tough job. That's okay, because great challenges have a way of creating great work. Like any true problem solvers, we keep our minds open. We think about you. We think about your customers. Then we create something that may be funny or beautiful or emotional or intelligent or all of the above. Then comes the magical part—it works.

  • Obsessed with Accuracy

    Media isn't just something we buy. It's something we obsessively plan, negotiate, track, analyze, measure and multiply. As a result, you're guaranteed 25 percent high grade added value, minimum. Our technology ensures that your media runs when and where media outlets say it will. And we know our way around online and social. Whoever you're using now, we'd love the opportunity to outperform them.

  • Interactive Should Be Interactive

    No other medium provides the potential for instant answers and measurable results. That's why digital should be a conversation, not a monologue. We invest in tools that help you engage your customers in a way that matters to them, so you can provoke the actions that matter to you.

  • Where Dollars Overachieve

    PR is really valuable. As in quantifiable. Consider this: typically, for every dollar you spend on advertising, you get a buck twenty back in revenue. PR provides the same return, but with an investment of just 18 cents. From big brands to small brands, our people are masters at finding the right people to say the right things about your business.

  • Social? You Better Believe It

    Social Media is easy to downplay as faddish, fluffy and fickle. But here's the reality: social is for real, it's growing, and smart companies are using it to become more relevant to their customers. Our team will help you get the right message onto the right social platforms, right now. So whether you're looking for the next big thing, or you simply need to play some catch-up, we'll provide a solution that connects you with today's customers, wherever they happen to be connecting.