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  • The East Village

    How do you create a site for a housing development that isn’t even built yet? In this case, the answer was, “Very strategically.” Hamilton Partners approached TSG for a website for The East Village, a future multi-family housing unit designed for people looking for a unique mix of city and suburbs. We went back a couple steps to work on naming, messaging, and identity for the project first, giving everything a solid strategy. Then we created a responsive website that painted a picture of the future community. The site helped build excitement and demand for the project and the lifestyle it embodies—before the ground was even broken.

    • The East Village Website
    Detroit Tigers Campaign

    For this promotion for Michigan area SUBWAY restaurants, the Detroit Tigers had just come off an amazing season of Major League Baseball. We created a campaign featuring TV, billboards, and in-store signage to capture that excitement and highlight a special collector’s cup. SUBWAY sales went up and the cup sold out. The Tigers did okay, too, making it all the way to the World Series (although we can’t take all the credit for that).

    • Subway Detroit Tigers Billboard
    • Subway Detroit Tigers Window
  • Albion Financial

    Albion Financial Group is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary. As a fiduciary, they’re legally held to a higher standard to provide the best advice for their clients. The challenge with the Albion Financial site redesign was to clearly communicate how this sets them apart from other financial advisors. Along with an all-new design, we produced interview-style videos on the home page to let the partners explain the company’s philosophy and approach in their own words. The result was a web experience that made the difference clear and put a human face on investing.

    • Albion Financial Website
  • SelectHealth
    Get Covered TV

    If you’re young and healthy, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. That was the challenge we faced with SelectHealth, who wanted to motivate Millennials to sign up for insurance under the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. We created a low-pressure, likeable spot to run in Utah and Idaho reminding the “young immortal” demographic that they shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to their health. We must have been speaking their language, because SelectHealth exceeded enrollment goals.

  • Gracie's
    Print Advertising

    Gracie’s gastropub in downtown Salt Lake is as proud of their cuisine as they are of their cocktails. So how do you communicate that? In the past, Gracie’s had used photography—just like every other bar and restaurant in Salt Lake City. Knowing that this ad would appear with other ads in a dining and nightlife guide, we decided to let the food speak for itself. Literally: We used the ingredients of popular menu items to illustrate the items themselves, creating an eye-catching visual that drew people in and stood out from all the other downtown restaurants and bars. Most importantly, the ad set expectations for patrons who go to Gracie’s that they’re going to get far more than just a drink.

    • Gracie's Print Cup
    • Gracie's Print
    • Gracie's Print
  • EVE Winter Fest
    Integrated Campaign

    The Summit Group teamed up with EVE Winter Fest, a three-day New Year celebration in downtown Salt Lake City, to put a little polish on its current brand. We started with some research and a brand workshop, then created messaging to reflect their updated positioning and goals. With all that set, we moved forward with a responsive site, posters, and billboards to get the word out. That was the strategic part. The fun part? Having our designer create hand-lettering for the campaign. The other fun part? Learning that our efforts helped make the 2014 event the biggest one yet.

    • EVE Winter Fest Website
    • EVE Winter Fest Billboard
    • EVE Winter Fest Print
    • EVE Winter Fest Poster
    • EVE Winter Fest Sketchy
  • Forty Under 40
    Event Collateral

    For an award going to people under 40 years old, the existing look and feel for Utah Business Magazine’s “40 Under 40” event seemed pretty…stodgy. That’s why TSG created a fresh new look and feel for the event, including the invitation, program, and booth design. The cohesive campaign and fresh new design made the look and feel much more contemporary to reflect the young innovators in business.

    • 40 Under Collateral
    Reuben Revue TV

    Five different SUBWAY markets wanted to test demand for a Reuben sandwich with a limited time offer. They asked TSG to spread the word. To highlight how different this sandwich was (pastrami and sauerkraut don’t usually appear in a Subway, after all) we approached it as “the sandwich with character, for characters with character” and created a spot showcasing both. Demand was so high we had to produce “Sold Out” signs for participating restaurants before the limited run was over.

    • Subway Reuben Billboard
    • Subway Reuben
  • Ecova
    Appointment Mailer

    Ecova, an energy and utility management company, needed a sophisticated (and effective) way to get face-to-face meetings with potential clients. TSG created high-end direct mail pieces meant to get appointments with decision makers. The campaign included sending potential clients a wine opener, then directing them online to a personalized RSVP page where they could pick the bottle of wine to go with it—which the Ecova rep would bring to the face-to-face meeting.

    • Ecova Mailer
    • Ecova Mailer Top
    • Ecova Mailer Opened
    • The East Village Logo
    • Eve Winter Fest Logo
    • Skipstone Logo
    • Exo-shield Logo
    • Hapa Grill Logo
    • Downtown SLC Logo
  • Marble Slab Creamery
    Shakes Up Summer

    In another “we love our jobs” moment, we were asked to help promote Marble Slab Creamery’s from-scratch shakes. To call attention to this delicious menu item, we created a comprehensive campaign, including giveaways on social media and an in-store 3D standee. Our efforts boosted sales of shakes throughout the summer.

    • Marble Slab Shakes
    • Marble Slab Shakes
  • 222 South Main
    Print Advertising

    Some of the most expensive commercial real estate in Salt Lake City was being built—in the middle of the recession. The owners of 222 South Main approached TSG to help sell the idea of the high-end office space still under construction. We created a campaign that helped business owners imagine themselves at 222 South Main, showcasing the desirability of the space with personalized gifts and messages. The campaign was a success: the client was able to reach occupancy goals ahead of schedule.

    • 222 South Main Print
    • 222 South Main Print
    • 222 South Main Print
  • Costa Vida Nachos
    Integrated Campaign

    Costa Vida is justifiably famous for their hand-made burritos. Their nachos are equally delicious—just not as well known. So we created an awareness campaign for nachos*, focusing on the fresh ingredients that combine to create custom “layers of amazing.” The deliverables included in-store signage, a TV spot, and web ads.

    *Yes, we love our jobs.

    • Costa Vida Nachos Poster
    • Costa Vida Nachos Billboard
  • SelectHealth
    Wheel of Misfortune

    For this project, we turned America’s favorite game show into a teaching tool for people concerned about the Affordable Care Act. Our client wanted to help fight any resistance to the ACA and show people that being insured saved money. So we created a Wheel of Misfortune that listed the cost of the most common treatments with insurance and without insurance. While it won’t replace the game show, our Wheel was a hit at enrollment events.

    Finger Chef

    How do you make a mobile banner ad more exciting? Put yourself in it—or at least a part of yourself. For Subway markets in Michigan, we did exactly that and developed a “Finger Chef” rich mobile media ad. After clicking on the ad, a user would lay a finger on the screen and a chef’s hat and “arms” would grow around it, creating a Finger Chef, who just happened to be “cooking” new Subway offerings. It was a hit with both the Subway boards and with users, who were all impressed with the technology.

  • Pretzel Maker
    Bites with Bling

    We’re pretty sure we were the first to think of adding bling to…pretzel bites. Our clients—whose restaurants are primarily in shopping malls—wanted to capture the attention of those walking by, especially teens. So we created a 3D standee with “blinged out” LED lights highlighting the latest menu item. Franchisees loved the piece and ended up asking us to incorporate LED lights into other standees.

    • Pretzel Maker Bites with Bling
  • AARP Utah
    Expand Medicaid TV

    Why should the average person care about expanding Medicaid? That was the challenge we faced when AARP Utah asked us to help make the case for Medicaid expansion. We created a kinetic type style video that presented some key facts about healthcare costs and the number of hardworking families in poverty in a striking way. Taking this approach helped us make the point that Medicaid expansion would benefit everyone—all without having to preach.

  • Maverik Chillers
    In-store Advertising

    Maverik asked TSG to name and promote a new frozen beverage sold at their stores, which are branded “Adventure’s First Stop.” We settled on “Chillers” for a name that tied in with their overall brand and then created branding for different flavors, plus in-store signage and a machine wrap. The winter-themed displays were so successful, they asked us to create summer-themed ones. Chillers sales rose 17% the week the new summer look was installed.

    • Maverik Chillers
    • Maverik Chillers
    • Maverik Chillers
  • Utah Hispanic Foundation
    Event Collateral

    We were honored to work with the Utah Hispanic Foundation on the look and collateral for their Somos Foundation scholarship event. We helped interview past scholarship winners and collaborated with the photographer for their portraits. We then used those assets to create a warm, engaging look and feel for the invitation, program, and event signage. Being involved with the winners and hearing stories of what the scholarship meant to them made the project deeply rewarding.

    • Somos Event
    • Somos Event
    • Somos Event
    Clear Your Desk

    Lunch at your desk can be boring. So can typical mobile ads. That’s why we decided to make a Subway rich mobile media ad a little more fun. We designed an ad that users would click to “clear their desk” and be taken to a virtual desktop. A flick of the fingers would send the clutter flying off, and when it was cleared, a Subway sandwich appeared. The ad took an everyday situation—messy desk, lunch on the go—and made it more engaging and, therefore, more memorable.

  • Utah Brewers Cooperative

    Utah Brewers Cooperative (made up of the Squatters Craft Beers and Wasatch Brewery) wanted a more robust distributor portal for restaurants and large accounts. They also wanted it to feel more like a business-to-business site, and less like an add-on to their respective consumer sites. We were delighted to help (and not just because it was a beer site—we promise). On the front end, we created a site that united the two brands but kept their distinct personalities. On the back end, we added functionality such as order history, the ability to re-order or edit past orders, and an admin view with the ability to modify orders and email updates.

    • Squatters Website
    • Wasatch Brewery Website
    Utah Jazz

    SUBWAY had a long-standing sponsorship with the Utah Jazz, but they wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Enter TSG. We began with a killer offer for a two-for-one ticket offer with every Jazz fresh value meal. To spread the word, we recruited Jazz players to star in a vaguely threatening—but super funny—commercial campaign. It worked. SUBWAY sales jumped and the promotion has become an annual event in the market.

  • SelectHealth
    Reform Basics

    Featuring SelectHealth’s legal counsel (and some literal “talking heads” from TSG), this video helped demystify healthcare reform. We took a page out of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s playbook and presented a lot of information in a fun and engaging way, in a web video designed to be super-shareable. SelectHealth wanted to be a simple, helpful voice in the reform conversation, and we think that’s exactly what the Reform Basics video did.

  • 3DPlusMe

    3DPlusMe offers mobile tech that scans a person’s face and then 3D-prints it onto toys or action figures, allowing fans to connect with their favorite superhero, video game, sports star, and more. They had the technology; what they didn’t have was a site that told their story. Enter TSG. We helped them sell the concept and build excitement in retail partners and investors, with a clean redesign, clear language, and an immersive long scroll format. You could say 3DPlusMe got a site as custom as one of their products—but don’t worry, we didn’t make it look like us.

    • 3DPlusMe Website
  • Seattle Seahawks

    What happens when you put a cardboard standee of Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin in Subway restaurants? More than you’d ever dreamed. We placed our cardboard Baldwin in 435 stores with the hashtag #BaldwinSweeps and kicked it off with tweets from Subway, the Seahawks, and Doug Baldwin himself. It took off on its own from there, with customers tweeting selfies with the standee and using the hashtag for a chance to win tickets. Each Subway restaurant with a standee saw an average of 40 additional customers and $350 additional revenue dollars week over week. And we were absolutely blown away to see our standee used by Baldwin as his stand-in at a press conference with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

    • Seattle Seahawks BaldwinSweeps
  • SelectHealth

    When your client is getting into dental insurance and wants to make the launch fun, you jump at the chance—and then you create a plush toy of a tooth. Toothy also got his very own microsite that gave details about SelectHealth’s new dental plan options, as well as coloring pages and a “Tooth Defenders” game for kids. For adults, we created the “Toothy’s Smile-o-Gram” that allowed people to put goofy singing smiles on photos and share via email and social media. Needless to say, we had a blast and the client was…wait for it…all smiles.

    • Select Health Toothy
    • Select Health Website
  • SelectHealth
    Photo Booth

    Selfies aren’t going away, so we decided to use that to SelectHealth’s advantage at enrollment events and target people in their early 20’s—historically the group least likely to have health insurance. We branded a photo booth at the events with a message to “Take care of your selfie” and had a URL print on the final photos. The URL directed people to a microsite that gave them a quote for a SelectHealth plan. Photo booth fun? Check. Laid-back marketing? Check. Appeal for our target demo? Huge.

    • Select Health Photo Booth